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About Easy Life

Culinary herbs, spices, seasonings, sauces and seeds

Easy Life was launched in 1996 and over these twenty years, Easy Life has evolved to become one of the best healthy food brands in the country. Since its beginning, passion and innovation has been the main thrust of Easy Life and our focus has primarily been on real, wholesome ingredients to make your food taste good.

Easy Life’s portfolio focuses on essential products for the modern kitchen for which our Herbs, Spices, Seasonings, Sauces, Seeds and Condiments are a vital necessity. Herbs are the leafy green part of the plant, and spices come from seeds, roots, bark, fruit, or vegetables. We have done some innovative transformations around the core of these, all of which are based on pure ingredients brimming with flavor and aroma.

Easy Life is more than a healthy choice you make for your cooking… it’s a magical boon to transform the flavor of your cooking, creating the best tasting and aromatic dishes. At Easy Life, our goal is to ensure that each and every product is a great experience for all our users. We are available in 14 states as of today, with more on the way.

We have been the pioneers in setting high service standards for our customers. Choice, convenience, reliability and quality are the key benefits for our customers. We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality products, to the way we engage with our customers and communities to do business responsibly.

Today Easy Life has a range of 55 products designed to cater to the varied needs of consumers all over India. The raw material is first cleaned, dried and tested with the help of special machines. It is then carefully processed into the finished product passing through various stages.

We use no artificial colors and flavors, for we believe trust, natural goodness, health, versatility, good taste and joy to be the basis of building all relationships and communications. Teeming with natural goodness and coming out with new ways in making your food safe, healthy, wholesome and delicious, always was and still continues to the constant endeavour of Easy Life.

We help transform your cooking into a joyful celebration!